Hi! We are Melinda and Nigel

A quick introduction; We are Nigel and Melinda, a Belgian couple. When we met eachother, we pretty soon discovered our common love for traveling and exploring the world. Visiting new places, finding those unknown spots and meeting new people along these adventures is priceless. 

Together we started an Instagram account, to collect some memories and to share our travel experiences with others, called Passiontravelers. While traveling we developed a love for photography. Through pictures and little video's we want to inspire you to see as much as possible of this beautiful world. We love to spread some positivity and to help you guys experience some amazing trips. We both have just normal jobs, probably just like you, so we are no fulltime travelers. We just try to travel as much as possible and to enjoy all those adventures that come along! 

If you have any questions, just send us an e-mail or DM on Instagram. We will be happy to help!


Lots of love,

Melinda & Nigel