How to install Lightroom presets on your phone

This blogpost will explain how to install Lightroom presets directly on your phone. We will show you how to install, save and use them with just ONE click, without using a desktop.

If you have the desktop version you can 'contect' this version with your mobile app, but if not no worries, you can download them directly on your phone and use them in the free mobile app.

Make sure to check out our preset packs over here.

Step 1: Download the files on your phone

When you purchase presets, you will receive a link to download them. The mobile version of the presets will mostly come as DNG files. Once they are downloaded, click on it and they will normally open in your app 'files'. Go to the mobile folder select all the files and save them to your camera roll. (*It is normal to see them as grey pictures in your camera roll, the DNG files can't be read on your phone)

Step 2: Import the presets/DNG files into Lightroom

Once you saved them on your camera roll you can open the Lightroom app. If you want you can create a new album to add the new presets, but it isn't necessary. Then click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and choose the option 'adding photos' and then 'from camera roll'.

Step 3: Save the presets

Open the album you created or just go to your pictures if you didn't add them in a certain album. The presets will look like this.

Select/open a preset and click the 3 dots in the upper right corner. Then choose to create or make a preset.

Next you will get a screen with all the settings of the preset your are going to 'create'. First you need to give your preset a name. You could just give it a name like 'Preset 1', but it is more easier to give it a real name to remember. You could give it the name it had in the preset bundle you bought or choose a name yourself, but make sure it's a name to remember so it is easier to keep it mind which preset you really like.

After that your need to select the settings you want to save into your preset. Keep the settings Lightroom already selected for you. So tools - optics - geometry should not be selected. Click to save the preset.

This should be done for every preset seperatly. Afterwards all the presets are installed and ready to use!

Et voilà, you are ready to use the presets!

Below we will show you a little video how to use a preset: open the photo you want to edit, go to presets and select the one you like the most. ;-) (Unfortunately the colors of this video do not come fully into their own..)