What are Lightroom presets?

Lightroom presets are photo filters. Editing pictures in Lightroom can take quite some time before getting the result you have in mind. You can change so many things in a picture. Using presets makes editing way more easy and efficient. With just ONE CLICK you can get the perfect result. So it takes some time to create preset, but luckily for you we did the work. When we like the result of a certain edit, we save all those changes we made as a preset. This way those changes are automatically applied when we use that preset on another picture. By finetuning these presets over the last year, we created preset packs!


Is buying your presets a one-time buy?

Yes, there are no additional cots! So buying a preset pack is just a a one-time purchase. Once you bought them, there are no further cots. Just make sure you save them properly somewhere.

Do you have to pay for Adobe Lightroom?

To begin, Lightroom has 2 versions. One desktop and one mobile version. This last one is completely free. You can just download the app without any costs. For the desktop version a little monthly or yearly payment is needed. We use both of them, but mostly the desktop version, since this one is easier to use when it comes to little details. The mobile version is perfect for a quick and easy edit, super handy while traveling. 

Is Lightroom hard to use?

If you have never used it, it can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning. Since it is the program used by all professional photographers, you can imagine how many and specific changes you can make with it. That's why using presets is so handy! By just watching a short video on youtube for beginners and using presets, it won't be difficult! You will soon get familiar with Lightroom. 

Do the presets only work on pictures of a professional camera?

Not at all! In general, our presets work on all kinds of photos. Although we mostly shoot with our camera, that takes the shots in a RAW format, we also use our presets on our pictures taken with our phones. Pictures of your phone will be in JPEG format. So why do we shoot in RAW? We do so because this way the picture will 'contain' more information, which makes it easier to edit. So to get the optimal result try to shoot raw, but is absolutely not necessary! Besides, nowadays the quality of pictures taken with our smartphones have a pretty good quality too. 

How will I receive the presets when I buy them?

After your purchase, you will automatically receive an e-mail. This mail will be a confirmation mail and it contains a download link. By clicking this link you can download the presets. The desktop version has to be downloaded on a computer, the mobile version on your phone. Together with the preset pack you will get some tips and tricks and we included some tutorials too!

Can I get a refund for my downloaded products?

Presets are a digital product and in this industry it is a rule that refunds are not possible, so unfortunately we can not give you a refund for any reason.