What photography gear do we use? 

Our camera and lense

This is a question we get a lot lately. First of all, we always have our camera with us. We use a Fujifilm X-T20 to take all of our pictures. The lense we bought is the 18-55mm.

Why we choose a Fuji camera? Well we did a lot of research before buying it. Most of the reviews were really positive about the brand and we can only agree with those. It is a really easy camera and hey, doesn't it look really cute too? 


The lens 18-55 is a perfect one to use in almost every situation. We only use another one if a wideangle is needed. Like for exaemple, if you stand in front of the Burj Khalifa this one will not be the prefect lens, but otherwise it is just perfect! 


What else do we use? Our tripod offcourse. As a couple it is really hard to make couple pictures without a tripod. You can just put your camera somewhere and put on a timer, but mostly that picture will turn out skewed, right? Asking other people to take a picture of you is another option, but mostely those picture are just not it what you expected from it.. For example: the angle had to be just a little bit different or they only took one shot and offcourse.. one of you has his or her eyes closed. We know the struggle, so that's why a tripod it a must have.


It doesn't need to be expensive. In the beginning we had a 20 or 30 $ tripod, but after our first one was stolen whilst chilling at the beach (we know not so smart of us, we should have left in in the car or so), we wanted to buy a better one. Since we used it that often, we decided to buy the Manfrotto Elements.. It is super handy, not heavy and small to carry with you! Sometime's we need a bigger/taller one, but in those cases we are very inventive and come up with a plan ;-) . 

Our drone

Our DJI Mavic pro, this one is Nigel's little toy. Is he happy with it? Yes he is! In the beginning we had the DJI Spark, but this one was not really handy.

Because te Spark is only connected via Wifi, it's note able to fly very far. When you're flying above the ocean it's note a great feeling. One day we lost signal and Nigel had to swim a couple of meters to reconnect with te drone.The Mavic pro fly's primarily on RC. RC is old school but never lets you down. Besides it has a longer flytime, better gimbal and better camera.